How the Book Came About

Originally a private collection of my own personal prayers....

At times, during my prayers, I would find myself more "in the zone" so to speak. And, during those times, my prayers felt more "connected." Those were the times I would then try to recall the words, and record them in my private journal.   

This eventually (over a period of about 3 years) became the basis for the book you now have. 

During the same time frame, I was learning about the many benefits of pure essential oils, and using them more and more in my daily life. 

As I stretched my experience with these amazing oils, I began to notice that many of the names of oil blends corresponded beautifully to the themes of many of the prayers...  and the thought came to me that it would be fun (and effective) to categorize the prayers based on the topics and then connect them with the oil blends for easy and super effective use. 

The idea to publish still was not the original plan, (which is the main reason the prayers are so "personal") but I just ended up "going down the rabbit hole" while online one day, and took the plunge! 

It was surely a divinely guided decision! 

I really must thank you, the readers, for making it the amazing success that it is, and for receiving it with such enthusiasm! 

I love hearing your stories and that the prayers are blessing you. That is the best feedback I could ever imagine, and I feel it's confirmation that the decision to publish my private collection of prayers was in fact what I was meant to do. 

Thank you, I love you! God bless you! <3


3 years of private journaling... 

Became the collection of prayers for you!