Readers Share

Shari W.

I read  Praying in the Power Zone while sitting at a lake and mentally beating  myself up over something. (Hey, don't judge...we've all been there, lol)
I  had tears streaming over the beautiful quotes and prayers which made me  think on a much deeper level. While reading, I started getting a  different perspective in a lot of areas of my life, causing my outlook,  my mood and my self doubt to shift in a better direction. I can honestly  say Praying in the Power Zone changed not only the way I pray but the  way I use my essential oils. What a powerful tool to have in my life !
It  doesn't matter if you have been a user of oils your whole life or just  got started. This book will guide you and may even take your prayers to a  whole new level.
You certainly won't be disappointed at this purchase!
Thank you to Janine Logue Wooten for writing such a powerful book !

Reverend William H.

I am an  United Methodist minister.  My knowledge of oils is limited to anointing  moments.  But I can relate to the power of them as I think about the  moments when I have found relaxation from a scented burning candle.   What I do understand is the power of prayer and/or an inspiring word.   Whether it is a word from the ancient Greeks (Epicurus) or the author of  "Winnie the Pooh" (A.A. Milne) or Emerson or The Psalms, Janine Logue  Wooten book, Praying in the Power Zone, lifts the spirit of the reader.

The  prayers in this book remind me of the Psalms in the way that they are  heart-felt and unafraid to acknowledge the author's feelings-feelings  that we all can relate to in some way or another.  In fact, these  prayers will have the reader saying, "Thank God!  Someone else feels the  same way that I do at times."  We have all prayed prayers of  thanksgiving on one day and, then, prayed a prayer seeking to manage our  life the next.  The author's prayers are a "touch of wonder."  Her  obvious love for the Holy and the desire to live in the abundance of  God's love and grace is contagious.

I love the spirit of the  author that comes through in each prayer.  Her awareness of the  Spiritual and the science of life is evident.  She is both encouraging  and aware that life can be overwhelming for the created.  But with every  turn of the page there is the constant "Thank you.  I love you.  I am  grateful." ending to prayer that reminds each of us that "in all things  we are to give thanks to God."  I am thankful for this beautiful book.

E. Theodore A.

All too often I turn to the wrongs things to bring my chaotic world under control.
The last thing I try is prayer.
Maybe it's because I don't know what to say.
This is a book of prayers that helped me find the words.
Each prayer is organized by topic, and helped me form my own
way of talking to God. Combined with pure essential oils yields
a truly powerful experience of transformation from chaos to serenity.
Praying in the Power Zone is the perfect companion on your journey to peace!

Geeta R.

 I have been  an avid user of essential oils, specially lavender and ylang-ylang.  Always loved using them and only thought of them as the flower essences,  until Janine came along and explained so clearly in her book as to what  they really are – the life essence of the whole plant. I had an Aha  moment with that. Janine clearly loves both praying and oils, and has  brought forth this love effectively into a book to help us all. She very  clearly lists scientific reasons as to why essential oils work. This  book is a gem and a must-read if you enjoy using essential oils, as it  can enhance your life beautifully.

Kahty H.

As an expert in essential oils, and one who likes to meditate, I was very interested in this book.  And I wasn't disappointed!

The  author has put together a thoughtful and beautiful book. She includes  information on essential oils, but focuses on prayers for such areas as  Abundance, Peace & Calm, Hope and Living without Stress. I  especially liked the prayers for Your Purpose & Your Business!

You  could say that "science meets mind-body" in this book - the strong  science of essential oils and their strengths which help our own  mind-body experience.

Thank you for a great collection, and this is a recommended book!

Petrose E.

If you are  indeed interested in learning anything to do with Essential Oils...  this is your book!!! I got this book for my wife and she can't stop to  put the the book down for a sec.:)